BrandRep Terms and Conditions.



🎀The Contract Period will be for a period of 3 months 1st Aug-31st Oct 2018. 
🎀You must have a public and very active Instagram account.
🎀You must have a genuine love, support, and enthusiasm for our products and brand shown in comments on Instagram.
🎀 You will be given a 25% off coupon code to use for the duration of the term plus free postage.
🎀 You will be given a unique 15% off coupon code for family and friends for the duration of the term.


🎀You are required to like and comment on posts on Little Girl’s Things Instagram feed and facebook (if you have facebook).
🎀You are required to make ONE (1) monthly purchase.
🎀 You will receive FOUR (4) free items chosen by me each month to be sent with your ONE (1) required monthly purchase.
🎀You are required to post WEEKLY at least 2 high quality photos that show our products CLEARLY, that are well lit with minimal background!
🎀Email or Dropbox photos to  
🎀Promote and share ANY and ALL announcements such as promotions, new lines and offers.
🎀Consent to us using any and all photographs on all social media accounts, promotional flyers, on our website and in all advertisements.

💖Although you are required to fulfill the terms as set out each month, you are of course free to leave at any time if you feel the arrangement is not working for you or if your situation changes and you feel you can no longer fulfil these requirements, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I also reserve the right to end our agreement if I feel you are not the right fit, but not without consultation with you first of course.💖

If you are happy with all that and still wish to be a part of LGTs BrandRep team, may I ask one more thing... please register as a customer in the store, then let me know.  You will need to do this before I can give you Discount Codes.

Sam x